Body Parts I: Locked-OUT (10 images): May 6, 2016 (LensCulture)

"You use dummies to describe a crisis and set them up as human characters. Everything is set to create a sense of distance: the dummies are black and white and the back colours are very unreal, suggesting a nightmare, with vivid violet and orange that makes us think of German expressionism. The portfolio is very well visually balanced by clever use of the dummy’s skin colour and choice of colours for the background. The story is well built: like a scenario, each pictures shows an action and adds a layer to the story, and it gets more and more intense till the last picture. The use of dolls or puppets is common in the psychiatric field to help people tell their stories as it is easier to describe what happened to the dolls than to oneself. In the same way, your series skins the characters and situations to their essence so that anyone can understand them. The portfolio is very powerful in itself, but also rich with possibilities for other areas."

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AWARD: 2016 Moscow International Foto Awards - Honorable Mention, Body Parts portfolio (8 images)

COMPETITION: 2016, Photographic Angle - Finalist + group exhibition (4 images)

COMPETITION: 2016 Brighton Photo Fringe - Official Selection for launch event (1 image)

COMPETITION: 2016 London Photo Festival - Finalist + Festival Exhibition (1 image)

COMPETITION: 2016 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize - Semi-Finalist (1 image)

AWARD: 2016 International Photo Awards - Honorable Mention (1 image)

AWARD: 2016 Tokyo International Foto Awards - Honorable Mention, Body Parts (1 image)

EXHIBITION: July/Dec 2016, Photographic Angle UK tour (group)

EXHIBITION: August 2016, RMIT annual exhibition, Melbourne (group)

EXHIBITION: Sept/Dec 2016, London Photo Festival, Bridge Lounge gallery (group)

EXHIBITION: Oct/Nov 2016, Talk Dark & Coffee gallery/cafe, Melbourne (solo)

EXHIBITION: Nov/Dec 2016, MADE gallery, Brighton (joint)

Body Parts II: Locked-IN (10 images): November 20, 2016 (LensCulture)

"Thank you for your entry into LensCulture’s Emerging Talent Awards 2016, Series Category. The submission of ten images from your Body Parts project’s second iteration, Locked-IN, is cohesive in its strong use of descriptive side-lighting and graphic lines suggesting imprisonment or entrapment. I took the liberty of looking at your website to get further information on where you are going with this series and what really struck me is your use of mannequins to support your intent. There is something so impersonal, yet universal about these fabrications. Devoid of relatable features, (the eyes are noteworthy for their absence of detail), we can project ourselves onto these objects. Thank you, again, Richard, for a strong submission. I look forward to seeing more of your work!"

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EXHIBITION: April/May 2017, 'Show Of Hands' at Manningham gallery, Melbourne (group)

EXHIBITION: May/June 2017, Foyer gallery, Jubilee Library, Brighton (solo)

AWARD: 2017 Neutral Density Awards - Honorable Mention (5 images)

AWARD: 2017 Australian Photography, Photographer of the Year, Black & White section - Highly Commended (5 images)

AWARD: 2017 Tokyo International Foto Awards - Honorable Mention, Black & White section (5 images)

EXHIBITION: February 2018, 'Modules' at Millepiani gallery, Rome (group)

EXHIBITION: March/April 2018, 'Beyond Bluestone...' at Victorian Archives Centre (VAC) gallery, Melbourne (group)

BODY PARTS V: Fractured Dreams (5 images): May 01, 2018 (LensCulture)

"Your overall approach is highly commendable, and I applaud your concept and message. In addition, I think the importance and voice of your work will find a welcome audience within the larger fine art community. Your process is quite original, in that you create original images and then project those images onto both white mannequin body parts and a flat surface. This approach, of course, is highly suggestive and foregrounds not only issues of race and colonialism but also the subjugation of and profit from bodies in a historical sense. The displacement of the two-dimensional projection as the light rays fall across the various surfaces and textures is quite compelling, and I enjoy how the body parts disrupt the unity and cohesion of the projection of the children."

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EXHIBITION: July 2018, Candid Arts Summer Salon, London (group)

EXHIBITION: August 2018, Martyrs' gallery Summer Salon, Lewes (group)

EXHIBITION: October 2018, The Anti Art Fair, London (group)